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What is "Chi" or "Qi"?


Chi (or Qi) is the invisible energy that surrounds us. It is abundant wherever nature reigns - in forests, mountains, seas, open spaces and in the earth's vast electromagnetic field.

Qi is also within each of us. Through the combination of physical exercise, proper breathing and good nutrition, it can be harnessed to maintain good health and vitality, and also for self-healing.

Qigong is the disciplined practice of exercises designed to cultivate and harness Qi in order to strengthen the immune system. When the immune system is strong, holistic well being follows, diseases are better prevented, recovery is enhanced and ageing retarded.

The underlying principle is that the greater our will (Yi), the greater is the flow of energy (Chi or Qi). In order to derive the maximum benefits from this energy, exercises that are designed to increase the flow of energy to our bodies should be learnt and practised regularly.

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