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Chi Dynamics

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on maintaining uninterrupted flow of Qi along the channels and meridians for optimal health. Illnesses result when Qi flow is blocked. Balance is a universal rule and the Chinese use the Yin and Yang to illustrate this. Applying this principle to the practice of Qigong, the body and the mind must be kept in harmony.

The Chi Dynamics system of Qigong was created and developed by Grandmaster Anthony Wee, the founder of Chi Dynamics International (CDI). Comprising two distinct arts, the active Tongong ('Tong' means 'moving') and the passive Jingong ('Jing' means 'still') which is good for meditation and healing, this system is today practised by thousands in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and as far as the United Kingdom and Canada.

Basically, the Chi Dynamics' structured breathing techniques enable the practitioner to generate, harness and circulate Qi to achieve a heightened state of holistic equilibrium. The 'mind-body in harmony' connection is achieved with the training of the "Yi" (focus/intent). There is an old Qigong saying, "where the focus is, Qi will flow there". The mind-body connection ultimately leads to relaxation of the sympathetic nervous system which, if blocked, will give rise to stress-related illnesses.

The Chi Dynamics system is also unique in that it combines the best practices of the three established martial arts and meditation disciplines into one regimen:

  •  The Northern Shaolin Inner Power Qigong, which focuses on the circulation within the body, is the basis of the system's breathing techniques.

  •  The principles of Southern Shaolin Wu Mei Nei Gong (the Art of the Fighting Nun), which concentrates on strengthening the internal body, are adapted for techniques to develop the inner power of Qi.

  •  Chi Meditation Self-Healing Methods, which evolved from Parayama and Kundalini Yoga Meditation systems. From these systems come the Chinese system of the flow of yang energy from the spine - Tu channel (central nervous system) and the yin energy flow of the front - Ren channel (autonomous nervous system), which we now call the microcosmic or inner orbit (small heavenly orbit, as the Chinese calls it) provides a powerful tool to trigger the self-healing mechanism with its complete yin and yang flow.

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