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De-stressing Exercises Stress causes acidity, which is a state that is not conducive to healing and recovery. The following exercises are simple therapies, which can help to reduce stress.  

  • Eye Point/Facial Stimulation
    In this exercise, by applying the principle of Acu-Pressure, we stimulate the optic nerves and certain muscles around the eye socket as well as some facial muscles. This exercise can also help reduce the attendant symptoms of headaches and eyestrain.

    Method: Rub the palms together and when the palms and fingers feel warm, begin stimulating the "eye points" (close to the edge of the socket throughout) and facial points. Acu-Pressure is applied using the fingers to press and gently 'thread' on the points (using smooth circular/rotational movements) as highlighted in the diagrams shown here.   

Acu-Pressure points


 Inside corner of the eyebrow


Middle of the eyebrow 


Outer corner of the eyebrow 


Directly below the centre of the eye


The hollow part below the cheek bone


Between the nose and upper lip


Rub the palms together and cup eyes

  • Stimulation of the Reflex Points of the Ears
    Rub the palms together and when the palms and fingers feel warm, squeeze and massage all parts of both ears until they feel warm and tingling.   

  • Stimulation of the Head using "The Percussion" Method
    Rub the palms together again. Using your fingertips, tap over the top and sides of your head.           

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