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Detoxification Exercises

The following Lymphatic Drainage `Chi' exercises have been specifically designed for this essential purpose of detoxification. The body will recover faster without toxins. Detoxification is part and parcel of helping the process of healing and recovery and maintaining robust health, even in those who have fully recovered.  

  • Stimulation Lymphatic Drainage of the Arms and Legs using "Slapping Stimulation" Method

    "Slapping Stimulation" method uses the open palms to gently slap down the outer side of your arms, then up on the inner side of your arms, including the armpits.
    Next gently slap your legs down on the outside and up on the inside.  

Lymphatic Stretch - Over-Arm Movements
This is best done after the "Block of Breathing". It can be done in lying, sitting or standing positions. The main emphasis is to stretch the arms and the hands over the head as far as is comfortable, to stimulate the lymphatic nodes along the neck and the armpits. It is by doing these over arm actions that drainage can be activated and thus help drain the lymphatic fluids.

  • Start with the hands in the ‘prayer position’ palms together in front of your mid-section. Breathe into your lower abdomen, hold for 4 seconds. During the hold, lift the hands above the head, bending your elbows slightly or more if you find it strenuous. Remember not to strain!

  • Exhale by blowing out as in the “Block of Breathing” method and at the same time slowly lowering your hands to your mid-section.

  • Pause for 4 seconds before starting all over again. Aim to do at least 9 times at each session. You may do more if you feel up to it.

  • The deep breathing with the abdomen is also am effective way to clear the toxins.

Lymphatic Stretch - for the Groin Region

The lying position is best used in this exercise to stimulate the lymphatic nodes around the groin and pelvic regions. This exercise should be done with alternate legs or if you are able to, you may try to use both legs at the same time.  

  • Breathe in and hold for 4 seconds. During the hold, bend the knee(s) and retract the knee(s) to your lower abdomen.

  • Stretch the leg(s) back out while simultaneously exhaling by blowing out for 6 seconds.

  • Pause for 4 seconds before repeating this exercise again.

Using both leg

Using alternate leg

Aim to do this for 9 times each session. This would be sufficient to enhance lymphatic drainage. (You may do more). This exercise is also effective in its use to improve bowel movements and lower blood pressure.

Important points to note for optimal results:

  • In each session, continue for as long as you can comfortably manage. Just do a few and then do so again a couple or more times during the rest of the day - especially following a "Block of Breathing" session, when your 'Chi' is at its peak and thus the benefits will be enhanced by the strong flow of energy.

  • OPTIMUM - never maximum! If you strain (i.e. you will know if you feel discomfort), you may injure yourself - in which case healing will be blocked. It is far better to do several short sessions throughout the day than to do too much at one time (and suffer overstrain).

​The body's drainage system is for eliminating the toxins and waste from the body. For cancer sufferers whose immune systems will typically be in a weakened state, it is so much more important that their "toxin disposal" systems work well. The Lymphatic Drainage 'Chi' exercises are effective in invigorating and boosting the body's essential self-cleansing mechanism  Using Visualization for better focus and concentration  Some people find the following visualization technique helpful:  

  1. When INHALING, picture the air (as fuel) going down into the lower abdomen (the furnace -'Tan Tien')

  2. While HOLDING your breath (4 to 6 seconds), imagine the 'fuel' combusting and burning-generating pure radiant power, heat and energy in your 'furnace'.

  3. During EXHALATION, visualize the energy radiating power¬fully from the `furnace' through your body. Try to intensify the image of the 'Chi' power targeting, incinerating and totally destroying your tumours.

  4. (2nd) (Pause for 4seconds- feel the calm as your 'Chi' continues its beneficially destructive work.

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