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ACU-CUPPING - Drug-free pain relief

The Chinese have used 'acu-cupping' (or 'cupping' which is based on the principle of acu-press ure) in healing for over 2000 years. However, there is evidence that thousands of years before that, it was already being used (albeit in a crude form) in ancient Babylon, where cave drawings depicting (what appears to be) animal horns being used to 'suck out' toxins and abscesses from the sick still exist. In the 14th century Marco Polo left China with knowledge of the 'Art', which he brought (mainly) to Eastern Europe. Even there, its practice was not widespread and glass was used because bamboo, which was the traditional medium in China, was not easily obtainable.

It has been well documented that proper stimulation of Acu-points on a regular basis improves the circulation. The complete circulatory energy system can be enhanced, by unblocking the "energy gates" of the Yang (Tu) channel on the back of the body. This will stimulate the Immune System through the improved blood flow and `Chi' circulatory system.

Note: Besides the Acu-cupping therapy, there are other methods of stimulating the points. To name a few: Acupuncture, Acu¬pressure, Massage, Moxibustion, Heat Therapy and the 'Percussion' method.

Why is 'cupping' still being used even in the face of state-of-the¬-art advances in modern medicine? Simply put, because it works! Like acupuncture, it certainly has its niche even in modern society.

Its relevance to the treatment of cancer patients is its ability to boost blood count. Cupping as practiced by experienced practitioners makes use of the knowledge of meridians, channels and the concept of 'Chi' flow. It relieves pain; enhances blood flow; boosts the proliferation of red blood cells; improves the functioning of the nervous system; enhances the metabolic rate; and helps to strengthen the immune system - thus assisting the body's natural healing process.

Cupping therapy has often proven to be highly effective in the treatment of injuries (even 'old' ones) such as whiplash, trapped nerves, torn tissues, inflammation, blood clots, deep bruising, depression, etc.

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