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  1. High oxygen levels can kill cancer cells.
    Conversely, cells deficient in oxygen may mutate and become cancerous. In 1931, Dr Otto Warburg won his first Nobel Prize for proving that cancer is caused when there is a lack of oxygen respiration in cells - they meet their energy needs in part by fermentation of sugars (glucose).


  2. Sugar feeds cancer cells.
    Sugar includes refined cane sugar, glucose and fruit sugars (fructose).


  3. High acidity in the body encourages cancer cells - whereas, alkalinity retards cancer growth.
    Dr Manfred Von Ardenne proved that the outer layers of cancer cells are acidic. These cells produce lactic acid as a by-product of fermentation. Consequently, making your body more alkaline is important in fighting cancer. An alkaline state can be achieved through deep diaphragmatic breathing which promotes a greater intake of oxygen and more effective elimination of carbon dioxide.


  4. A strong Immune System fights cancer.
    Our Thymus Gland is the master gland of the Immune System. Gentle exercises combined with deep 'Chi' breathing, plenty of rest and meditation help to boost the Immune System.


  5. Add "antioxidants" to your diet to subdue cancer.
    Drink water that is filtered, ozone treated, chlorine-free and alkaline. Natural spring water is recommended as well. Avoid processed, oily, deep fried and burnt foods. Phytonutrients, found in the skins of many vegetables and fruits (especially those with rich hues of colour) are the best naturally occurring antioxidant foods.


  6. High levels of enzymes threaten the survival of cancer cells.
    Enzymes are found in fresh, raw, naturally ripened fruits and vegetables - eat more of these. The Pancreas must produce enough enzymes to digest your processed and cooked foods. Undigested foods are toxic to our Digestive System and our body's Immune System has to work harder to get rid of them.


  7. Sustained vibration is damaging to cancer cells.
    The vibratory flow generated during Chi Dynamics Breathing can thus retard the development of cancer cells. Heat kills cancer cells. Cancer cells have an acidic outer-layer that makes them sensitive to higher temperatures. Dr Manfred Von Ardenne discovered that raising the body's temperature to 109 Deg F. by external means for 1 hour could destroy cancer cells. However, in practice, this has achieved limited success. Chi Dynamics Breathing and Chi Meditation can result in raising the body's temperature. This may explain in part why some cancer sufferers have benefited from the diligent practice of such exercises, which helps to generate internal body heat (remember - the `Tan Tien' when properly conditioned and activated is a potent furnace and source of energy). In any event, it should be emphasized that raising the body's temperature by breathing has no adverse side effects.

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