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Why do some people suffer from cancer and not others?
Everyone has cancer cells in his/her body. These cells do not show up in standard tests until they have multiplied sufficiently to be measured. For a person who has been medically cleared by a doctor as "having no more cancer cells left (in his/her body)", it just means that the numbers are below what can be detected.

When the immune system is strong, cancer cells will be destroyed and thus will be prevented from multiplying and forming tumours.

An alkaline condition enhances the immune system - whereas an acidic condition weakens it.

What causes cancer?
Cancer may be caused by many factors - in isolation as well as in combination with others:

  1. Genetics - genetic mutation occurs before a cell turns cancerous. One’s genetic predisposition can influence the likelihood of cancer developing.

  2. Environmental factors - tobacco smoke (including secondary exposure to cigarette smoke by non-smokers), asbestos, polluted air and water, heavy metals and chemicals.

  3. Radiation exposure - nuclear radiation; excessive exposure to ultra violet rays, cosmic radiation and gamma rays; low frequency radiation (non-ionizing radiation) from e.g. electric and magnetic fields around power lines; infra red radiation, microwave and radio waves. Cellular phones and electrical appliances may cause adverse health consequences (their link to cancer needs to be investigated further).

  4. Impaired immune system response – congenital or acquired through viruses/other diseases (e.g. Hepatitis B and C and liver cancer), poor/imbalanced nutrition and/or stress

Low frequency radiation (non-ionizing radiation) from sources e.g. electric and magnetic fields around power lines, infrared radiation, microwave, radio waves, cellular phones and electrical appliances may cause adverse health consequences. The link to cancer needs to be looked into further.

Impact of food (and drink) on cancer

  1. Foods that feed cancer cells

    • Sugar feeds cancer as it provides the base for cancer cells to anaerobically form energy. Artificial sweeteners are also harmful. Better substitutes are to be found in natural plant based sweeteners e.g. Stevia. Unprocessed honey and molasses, should only be consumed in very small amounts. Sweet fruits, fruit juices and honey, in general, should also be avoided. .

    • Milk and other dairy products cause the body to produce mucus, especially in the gastro-intestinal tract. Cancer feeds on mucus. (Certain tumour cells produce mucin, which is important for the formation of tumours and can make them resistant to drugs and radiation).

  2. Foods linked to cancer

    • Oils and fats, particularly when heated under extreme temperatures and/or reused repeatedly, tend to turn carcinogenic. Margarine, hydrogenated vegetable oils (including those high in Omega 6) and other trans-fats should be avoided. Cold pressed virgin olive oil and flax seed oil are high in Omega 3 and are much healthier. Virgin olive oil can be used for light sautéing and coconut or palm oil (MCT), for deep frying.

    • Smoked foods, processed meats, salt preserved foods may give rise to cancer of the digestive tract.

    • Barbequed foods or meat cooked at high temperatures. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) are found in the smoke as fat burns. Charred or burnt meat and foods have heterocyclic amines (HCAs). These have also been found to be carcinogenic.

Approaches to combating cancer

  1. Create hostile (unhospitable) conditions for cancer cells *

  2. Provide conditions conducive for healing *.

  3. Invoke one's "inner spirit" for survival.

  4. Avoid food and substances that feed cancer cells.

       (* high in oxygen and low in carbon dioxide.) 

Acidity versus Alkalinity

The ancient Chinese concept of Ying and Yang is still highly relevant today. In the practice of Chi, Ying is the acidic condition and Yang, the alkaline. There needs to be the right balance of both within the body. Acids are required in the stomach to digest food, but the overall system needs to be more alkaline for healing.

Regrettably, the body naturally tends to be acidic.

When we move, lactic acid is produced in our muscles; stress causes the body to be more acidic; carbonic acid is produced in our cells and exhaled as carbon dioxide. Generally speaking, the longer you take to exhale, the more alkaline the body becomes. This is a vital principle in the practice and application of Chi Dynamics.

Uric acid is produced naturally in the body and it is well known that excessive uric acid causes painful conditions such as gout.

Cancer cells thrive in acidic conditions! Conversely, an alkaline condition is hostile to cancer cells and, thus, conducive for healing.

To create the essential alkaline state, here are some suggestions:

  1. Eat more vegetables. Generally, the more bitter the vegetables, the more alkaline the content.

  2. Utilise external stimuli that induce a positive emotional state: anything that makes you feel happy, contented, relaxed, carefree, peaceful and calm e.g. meditation, soothing music, humour, enjoying the loving company of your family, friends and pets, and engaging in other forms of healthy activities.

  3. Practice daily Chi Dynamics breathing methods help to balance the body’s Ying and Yang and to maintain its delicate PH balance.

  4. Adopt a consistently positive mental attitude (PMA!); take (lots of) time to smile and to laugh!

  5. Avoid excessive acidity, reduce excessive consumption of acid-conducive food and drink, including processed, smoked, high-salt and deep fried foods, red meat, dairy products, hydrogenated oils and trans fats, alcohol and sugary beverages. (The internet is a rich source of information on these.) Such items are often poor in nutrition and also give rise to inflammation which, in turn, causes angiogenesis; a process in which new blood vessels form to feed and worsen inflammation.  

Other key considerations:

  1. To improve cancer prevention, regularly consume 5 or more types of vegetables, particularly those that are known to possess potent anti-cancer properties. Consuming these in a ‘cocktail’ (i.e. combined) will synergistically increase their anti-cancer benefits. It is best to have vegetables raw and blended for (a) better absorption and (b) because enzymes and antioxidants are easily broken down by heat. However, taking them lightly blanched in boiling water to reduce the likelihood of food poisoning (especially for those who are on chemotherapy) is also advisable.

  2. Food that helps enhance immunity should be taken to strengthen the body's ability to fight back. A strong immune system is vital for health and reducing susceptibility to nasty bugs and cancer cells. Garlic and turmeric are examples of great immunity boosters.

  3. Avoid consumption of food contaminated by pesticides, insecticides, hormones and antibiotics. Each on its own may be at acceptable levels and/or approved by health authorities. However, when consumed together – particularly over prolonged periods - they can create a synergy of poisons which dramatically weakens the body. Though cconsumption of organic food is encouraged, the cost of doing so may be prohibitive. NB: Ensure thorough cleaning to remove harmful residues, particularly from fruits and vegetables that have high pesticide residue content.

Nutrition for healing
There is much truth in the saying "you are what you eat" (or put another way, garbage in - stays in)!

Nutrition is a broad, essential but still - regrettably - too often overlooked and neglected body of knowledge. Much of this has to do with the fact that eating is a key source of enjoyment for the majority - and that the general perception is that healthy foods are boring and tasteless foods! However, we live in the 21st century! With the host of "eat healthily but deliciously" books and websites available today, having to sacrifice taste for health certainly need not be the case. Sure, you may still have to move out of your comfort zone a bit (and change is usually uncomfortable at the outset) - but aren't radiant health and well-being worth it?

So, research and equip yourself with the knowledge needed to improve your diet. Then act on your plan to eat -healthily, enjoyably, inexpensively and conveniently. Practice healthy "common sense" without going "over the top" and you will be far more likely to live well.

Because there are many types of cancers, find out the best types of food and nutrition for the condition you seek to resolve or avoid. Examples of "good foods" are: fermented foods like Miso (Japanese), Kimchi (Korean), soya products (Chinese), bean sprouts, seeds and nuts.

Emotional well-being
Although breathing exercises uplift the spirit; balance emotions; and deliver a sense of well-being, you may still need to look at other options.

From the experience of those cancer patients we have worked with, we would strongly recommend that you seek out and interact with uplifting and supportive people; join a support group with people who have themselves recovered from cancer and who can support you as you deal with your illness; get counselling from qualified professionals; go on retreats with people who offer support in any of these areas and can help guide you through any lifestyle changes you make.

Research has shown that patients have a 30% better chance of recovery when they have positive support from others.

Our Cancer Care Support Trainers, besides teaching Chi Dynamics Breathing Methods, are also a good source of encouragement and positive vibrations.

"Laughter is the best medicine" is a well- known expression. Because it activates the 'Tan Tien', (a Chi Dynamics technique) "Belly Laughing" is strongly recommended.

Positive Mental Attitude
Cancer is a disease of the mind-body and spirit and certainly NOT just the body!

Even at this distressing time in your life, it helps to know that you have a choice! You can choose to be negative, depressed and surrender to your fears - or you can choose to be positive. The latter may require more effort but you will have a better quality of life! And a far better chance of winning!

Dwell on the positives, be thankful and count your blessings (for there are surely some!) - do not wallow in self-pity. Many have fought and overcome the same "enemy" you face. It has been done. So, regardless of how daunting the challenges are, your victory will not be an exception!

Immerse yourself in motivational, inspirational and humorous matters, including audio-visual programs. Find out how others have dealt with and overcome their fears, depression, anxiety, grief and stress during their crises. Adopt, adapt, do and persist. Never, ever give up!

REMEMBER: Cancer is no longer a death sentence! It is an obstacle to be challenged and overcome. Follow and add to the growing ranks of those who have faced cancer; decided not to succumb; fought; persisted; refused to give up – and have won!

"Faith can move mountains." Whatever you believe can play a part in your recovery. If you have a faith or a belief system, stick with it and it will sustain you.

Cancer cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated environment!
The daily practice of Chi Dynamics breathing, exercises and meditation helps to inject greater amounts of oxygen into your cells. Oxygen therapy is another means used to destroy cancer cells. If you want to enjoy the healing benefits for yourself, learn and practice the Chi Dynamics methods. By doing so, you will have your own oxygen therapy as often as you choose - for free!

Chi Dynamics will then help your body to become more alkaline and it will boost your immune system every time you do it!

There are some factors in our lives over which we can take control and change to make a difference. This is one very important change we can - and must make!

Ask yourself:

  • How long can I survive without food?

  • How long can I survive without water?

  • How long can I survive without air?

We often change what we eat and drink. Considering the far greater importance of air, we need to learn how to breathe properly - for this will make a vital difference to your health and it will be a benefit that will last!

Get the optimum quality and quantity of air with every breath you take.

This is what Chi Dynamics is all about.

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