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Benefits of Chi Dynamics

There are many benefits to be gained from the regular practice of Chi Dynamics breathing and meditation techniques. They include:

  • Blood circulation and blood pressure improvements - a higher oxygen intake leads to improved blood circulation and delivery of oxygen especially to the extremities.

  • Strengthening of the auto-immune system - a combination of proper breathing techniques and exercises enhances lymphatic cleansing, and hence activating a stronger resistance to disease.

  • Enhancement of the endocrine system - regular practice of proper breathing and exercises enhances thermal regulation, improves digestion, absorption and bowel function as well as regulating all the endocrine glands, for example, the thymus, pancreas and gonads.

  • Stress and tension relief - meditation calms the mind and body and relieves stress and tension through the reduction of activity (yin) and introducing alkalinity (yang) in our system.

  • Toning of body muscles and enhancement in energy and stamina levels - the breathing exercises tone and strengthen various muscles and tendons in the body.

  • Improves general well-being - the body-mind is in harmony and complements each other.

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