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Detoxification Exercises

QUESTION: How will I know when I am doing the right thing?

ANSWER: If you have pain, it eases off completely - regardless of the intensity of the pain! You will begin by feeling a slight numbness, then warmth at the pain site(s). The pain will ease and will finally disappear completely. A feeling of 'lightness' follows and this indicates the flow of endorphins, a natural pain-killing neuro-chemical, which also induces a sense of well-being. This is the first step towards healing. This also signifies that you are breathing correctly! Your breathing becomes rhythmic, effortless, yet consistent and strong. This, again, indicates that your breathing session was correct.

QUESTION: How many times each day do I need to do "Block of Breathing"?

  1.  When you are fit and healthy - 1 or 2 times a day.
  2. When you have a small health problem - 3 or 4 times a day.
  3. For major health problems - 5 (minimum) to 7 sessions daily.

QUESTION: How long should each session last?

ANSWER: A single "Block of Breathing" session must be for a minimum of half an hour each time or longer. Initially, you may feel tired after starting. If so, don't try to stay awake if you are sleepy. Resume the "Block of Breathing" when you wake up.
On completion of a session, there should be a feeling of relaxation, calm, tranquility and a sense of increased energy. A sense of well-being, lightness and an 'inner glow' that shows!

QUESTION: I feel 'tired' after doing a session - and experiencing the 'signs'. What should I do?

A: Checklist: 1. Ensure that your shoulders and neck area are soft, relaxed and free of tension. 2. Check your breathing technique. Remember to focus on your 'Tan Tien'. 3. Remember to focus on your ‘Tan Tien’.

QUESTION: How else can I experience feedback to know flow' is improving?

ANSWER: At the end of your "Block of Breathing" session, activate the 'Chi Ball' (i.e. 'ball' of energy between your palms):


  1. While still on your back following your "Block of Breathing", rest your upper arms on the bed or floor surface and lift your hands up so that your palms face each other. (i.e, your forearms should be at right angles (90 degrees) to your upper arms; and the inward part of your upper arms should be touching the sides of your torso, for support).

  2. It is important you keep your shoulders, arms, fingers and thumbs relaxed so you feel the 'Chi flow' between your palms.

  3. Still using the diaphragmatic breathing, curl your tongue up to just behind the top teeth and leave it there. The mouth should be kept closed throughout.

  4. Inhale - no fixed count.

  5. Pause - 4 seconds.

  6. Exhalation (from the nose) - 6 seconds (increasing up to 9 or evenl2 seconds)

  7. 2nd Pause - 4 seconds then repeat until you have a strong 'Chi Ball' between your hands.

NOTE: Feel the sensation between your hands (your personal 'Chi ball'). You may sense heat, tingling, buzzing or pressure - as if you were holding a ball of energy between your hands. Most would describe it as a magnetic force. This is an external manifestation of what has already been coursing through your body. As your 'Chi' (heat and energy) is now built up, you should now use your 'Yi' (mind-focus) to direct the 'Chi through your body and to areas that need healing.

Qi ('Chi') Gong masters have always taught: "where the focus, that is where the `Chi will be". What this means is that by doing 'Chi' breathing, we generate 'Chi' energy and power (primarily in the 'Tan Tien' which is the seat and furnace of 'Chi'). However, our mind - mind-focus ("Yi"), to be precise - is the means by which we channel and direct the energy for optimal effect.

NOTE: Harnessing the power of the 'Chi Ball' for healing

Now that you have activated the 'Chi Ball', harness its regenerative and healing energy.

First, place your arms down on the bed (or the floor) with the hands away from the body allowing the shoulders to remain soft and relaxed.

Keep your palms facing up and you will feel the 'Chi' moving in your body. Let it do its healing work! Finally, at the end of a 'Chi Ball' session, rub your palms together.

Make sure each hand moves back arid forward, as this activates and stimulates both the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

QUESTION: There are concerns that Qi from cancer patients may be absorbed when we join in the Qi circle. Can you advise whether this is so?

ANSWER: This fear is real, but I would like to assure you that it is not factual. Let me elaborate. Besides being amplified ten-fold, the Qi energy in the unbroken Circle line channels surrounding Qi into the Circle, Earth, Atmospheric Cosmos, etc. This results in a powerful Qi ball, the vortex of which is so strong that sensitive people may vibrate and be jolted. Just the other day, I had a new participant who reacted so strongly that she felt electric shocks all over her body. As you are probably aware, electromagnetic buzz or vibrations kill cancel cells as Japanese scientists have recently established, and electromagnetic therapy is now being studied to apply to the treatment of cancer. The Chinese knew this all along as traditional Chinese medicine is based on the concept of "Qi" which is the vital energy or life force that flows throughout the body.

A Qi Circle does not contribute Qi as only surplus Qi is absorbed. The powerful Cosmic, Earch, Atmospheric Qi from all the participants' surplus Qi flows into the Circle and goes round and round at the speed of the breathing cycle. As it goes round, the Qi multiplies itself attracting other forms of positive energies into the Circle. After some time, your body would be buzzing after all pre-cancer cells are being weakened or zapped up.

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