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Over the years, there have been many requests for me to compile this booklet. I am happy to respond not only because of these frequent requests but also because of my father's experience and victory over cancer. In this booklet, I will seek to share the knowledge my team and I have acquired. This body of knowledge now forms an integral part of the application of Chi Dynamics in the treatment of cancer sufferers.

On the topic of cancer, questions that we are frequently asked include:

  • How can I alleviate the unbearable pain of cancer?

  • I can't sleep because I constantly worry about my condition - which only makes things worse. What can I do to get some proper sleep?

  • Why do I feel so exhausted every morning?

  • I constantly feel stressed and depressed. How can I relax?

  • How do I boost my blood count, as it is low and I have stopped my chemotherapy?

  • How do I enhance my immune system as I am constantly getting infections?

  • What can I do to help bring balance back into my life?

  • What are the best 'Chi' exercises for me to do now, as I am fighting cancer?

  • How can I heal myself?

  • I understand that some foods can cause cancer. What should I eat - and what should I avoid?

  • Can electro-magnetic waves, chemical pollution, and heavy metal contamination cause cancer?

  • What are the main 'carcinogens'?

  • Why have I suffered a relapse?

I want to emphasize upfront that we do not have answers for all the above questions.

However, our experience indicates that the practice of Chi Dynamics can contribute powerfully in supplementing primary and other therapies for cancer patients. We emphasized 'supplementing' because we do not believe that there is any one answer to this very complex affiction.


Grandmaster Anthony Wee
Founder of Chi Dynamics (International)

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