The Essentials of Chi Dynamics

Chi Dynamics consists of two systems - the Healing Breath and the Warrior's Breath.

Generally, these systems are based on the following Five Essentials:
  1. Five Breathing Methods: Fu, Chui, Tu, Pi, Xi
  2. Five Internal Organs: Lungs, Heart, Liver and Spleen, Digestive system, Kidneys
  3. Five Elements of Vital Energy: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth
  4. Five Types of Chi Flows: Blood, Heat, Electro-magnetic, Chemical, Vibratory
  5. Five Basic Fundamentals
  • Song (relax, loosen, release of tension)
  • Ching (stillness, calmness, quietness)
  • Qian (humble, devoid of ego and pride)
  • Shi (inner smile, inner contentment and peace)
  • Yi (intent, mental focus, concentration and dedication)
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